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Sheila has helped hundreds of executives build better futures for their employees and their companies.

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Sheila works with leaders and organizations to build culture and optimize team development. She is passionate about helping businesses and leaders define their personal and company values, so that the people work collectively toward a shared vision. It is with this shared vision where individuals and teams feel motivated, have purpose, and show their best work.

Executive & Leadership Coach

ms, mladc, cwwa, lcs


Who Lead Great Teams!

Leadership Coaching Cultivates Great Leaders,

Individual one-on-one coaching shows clients new ways of navigating difficult conversations and provides them with tools to improve their communication with others. It teaches them how to reflect on their negative self-talk that might be holding them back from success.


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Our Programs

Team and leadership coaching provides clients with tools that are needed to effectively influence and manage their team. It helps develop, lead and explore leadership values and empowers clients to take action to meet personal and professional goals. 

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coaching through

Lead to Rise

A hybrid in-person and virtual course for experienced senior leaders that offers advanced leadership training and collaborative exercises to rise higher and lead with ethics and purpose.

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Michelle Lambert 

When I started coaching, my biggest fear was entrusting my successful 20-year-old creative agency to the hands of new team members. After six months working with Sheila, it was shocking to look back and see that fear was my biggest impediment. As of today, our team has grown 300 % in 2022. She gave me confidence and a game plan to align our team for growth. Sheila also helped guide us to implement processes so we can easily overcome obstacles that come with expansion. "

  Sheila’s guidance is worth every penny! 

Michelle Lambert Owner, Studio Mystic

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